About Mandi

Mandi Distt. is situated between “310 -13’- 50” and 320 -04-30” North Latitude and 760 -37’-20” &770 -2’-15” East longitude It is bounded by Kangra on North West, Hamirpur & Bilaspur in the West distinct Arki Tehsil of Solan Distt in the South, Shimla on the South West & Kullu Distt. in the East.

The District is entirely hilly except Balh & Chauntra of the distt. The area of Badar, Chohar, Saraj, Sonar usually have sufficient snowfall every year from December to February. The distt. receives the highest rainfall in H.P. with an average annual precipitation of 2029 mm.

It is covered by middle Himalayas the elevation varies from 450 meters to 4400 meters. District Mandi has following hill ranges occupying distinctive place in the geographical features of district.


This range covers a good part of Suket area Dhauladhar range runs with the eastern boundary of the district from North to South. Nargu is the highest peak, with an elevation of about 4400 meters. In the North-East, this range joins the Kullu district.

GhogarDhar :

Ghogar Dhar contains the natural salt mines of Gumma & Drang and is fully covered with forests. It enters the Mandi district at Harabag in Jogindernagar Tehsil.

Sikandar Dhar:

The name is attributed to Sikander Lodhi. This range can be divided into two sub-ranges i.e. Kamlah range and Lindi Dhar. It runs from North-West boundary of Suket & Bilaspur.

Dhar Vairkot :

This range starts from Rewalsar & extends towards Suket. Some of its off shoots joins Kangra and SikandarDhar.MandiDistt.is bounded in the south by river Beas which separates from Kangra District. In the west Baker & Seer Khads separate it from Hamirpur District.


Language Spoken

Dialects of people of the Mandi Distt.speak dialects of Pahari (Mandyali). These dialects are akin to other dialects spoken in the adjoining area of Hamirpur, Bilaspur and Kangra Districts. According to the classification languages made by the linguistic survey of India ,Pahari comes under Indo-european family languages. It has further been classified as a languages belonging to Aryan Sub-family, Indo Aryan Branch, Inner Sub-Branch, pahari group and east western Pahari sub group (census of India 1961, Vol.I, India, Part-II –C (ii) language Tabes, P CLXX). Eastern Pahari includes a number of district dialects. Besides Eastern Pahari, bulk of population of Mandi Distt.can speak Hindi.


Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri Govt. Medical College Mandi at Nerchowk Located in Nerchowk Town on NH-21 (Chandigarh-Manali Road) Distt. Mandi Himachal Pradesh.